Sites like DateCraft and GuildCafe are part of a continuing trend to offer services targeting online gamers, a red-hot market which appears under-served when it comes to communities and the needs of the players. With over 9 million World of WarCraft accounts, some of those players have to be single and looking for love. DateCraft went live on Monday, so many features are still in beta or coming soon. One feature in testing like everything else, but a great plan allows users to flag other accounts they think are fraudulent or otherwise undateable. If only we could boot people from the offline dating pool as well. Some profiles offered a disturbing trade, exchanging cyber for WarCraft gold or rare items. Gaming habits can be a dealbreaker in relationships, if one person thinks Friday night is a great time to run a raid, and the other would rather go to the bar. All members already have a hobby in common, which should ease introductions and provide a starting topic of conversation. Instead of the usual condensed life story on a first date, you could compare epic gear or debate Horde vs.

Farmers, Sea Captains, and White People

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My first post, i’ve been playing wow for a long time but recently got into it (I mean getting into rotation, dungeons, tactics and Dating and WoW Is this game some World Of Datecraft? Also, Tinder or other matching sites?

By registering, you understand and agree to the terms of service. GamerDating is a community of adults looking for real love. We all love games and want to share our lives with someone in game and out. Find other Gamers around the corner or across the globe using our search and matchmaking tools. Who’s who? GamerDating gives you what you need to find the person behind the avatar.

Blizzard C&Ds Datecraft, they redesign

Do you cringe and hope to lemon law it out of there the moment they open their mouths and answer Coldplay? Then conduct your screening before accidentally committing to coffee with a Kings of Leon fan. Did you bore your most recent date with your stimulating take on Finnegans Wake? But if you insist that Joyce remain a part of your dating ritual, next time around try your luck on a literary-themed dating site like Alikewise, which matches bookish singles based on what they like to read.

With over 9 million World of WarCraft While other online dating sites have their share of The new World Of DateCraft will help online gamers.

If any of these sound appealing, you are like millions of other Americans who have found niche dating sites like DarwinDatin. You can be sure that each one of your matches will be much younger than you, or really into fitness, or also a clown like you. In recent years, the use of niche dating sites has been growing. Of the plus dating sites that exist today, many cater to a specific customer base. What niche sites provide is a trimmed down, less diverse field of matches. It seems as if Tinder gave us the world, and then the market asked for less of it.

For example, those who feel that marijuana usage is a defining part of their life may use dating. Given the diversity of human interests, there are an incredible number of different niche dating sites. According to Joe Tracy, publisher of Online Dating Magazine , one reason for this variety is that these niche sites are not necessarily competitors with the large market share sites. This makes the sites seem like a more reliable investment, since their user base is usually dissatisfied with the bigger websites.

There are sites for almost any demographic you can think of. What began with religion-based sites like JDate in and ChristianMingle in has expanded to include Veggie Date for vegetarians, Purrsonals. Or, if you want to prioritize your sex life even more in your dating, there are or were Ashley Madison and its likeness, Gleeden. The appeal of these dating sites seems very, well, human.

Datecraft Drops WoW Theme, Re-Launching Plainer Self Monday

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DATECRAFT. Datecraft is a dating site for single ‘World of Warcraft’ players all men. not big suprise.

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Forget Match. The New York Times has profiled couples who met while playing “World of Warcraft” — the massively popular online role-playing game — and the article comes off as a good argument for why “WoW” and games like it are far better places to meet people than online dating sites. And she points out that while a game like “WoW” boasts more than 12 million players, a dating site like Match.

But it’s not just a numbers game when it comes to matters of the heart. Rosenbloom’s article highlights some very good reasons why stories of online gamer love are increasingly common. She interviewed Ramona Pringle, an interactive producer for the PBS project “Digital Nation,” and Pringle points out the game requires players to work together.

Multiplayer games encourage such alliances. Pringle thinks that is analogous to love. The article also points out how playing “WoW” together can make some potentially awkward conversations go far easier. Other gamers have [said] that typing their feelings or flirtations is less awkward than saying them aloud. That can lead to more-honest conversations, and fewer misunderstandings. Meanwhile, sure, “WoW” may take place in an entirely fictional locale Rosenblom describes how two players who fell in love “became inseparable, spending hours lounging beside by waterfalls and strolling through parks.

Of course, games don’t have to be played online to inspire love.

11 Most Obscure Online Dating Sites

Never run away from anything. Does this affect how much you see other humans? Especially female humans?

Gay world of warcraft dating – Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? free gay dating site in the world matchplay matches; free gay dating site in the world Datecraft, na, have a guild. gay dating script How.

I can’t quite see the purpose of World of Warcraft or gaming in general flavored dating sites — if you were looking for a potential partner, why limit yourself to only people that play this game? But nevertheless, there are quite a few of them around, so someone must be using them. Well, not actually — they only got threatened with one. We heard from the site’s founders, and they tell us that they got a call from Rod Rigole , a VP of Legal Affairs over at Blizzard, who told them to cut out using Blizzard’s artwork and terminology on their website was a no-no, and that they would be recieving legal papers soon.

Rather than pick a fight, they instead redesigned to the standard gamer dating site you see today. But here’s the kicker: they used an official fansite kit to actually make the site. Even with the stuff they give out, Blizzard seems extremely protective of their artistic IP — they used this same technique to attack the WotLK wiki and the Glider folks as well.

World Of DateCraft

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Got a thing for World of Warcraft and want to meet someone who shares your obsession? Check out DateCraft, a dating community for WoW.

Modern-day matchmaking involves a lot more personality algorithms and pithy profile answers than little black dresses and pick-up lines. With more than million singles floating around the U. Online dating sites have been around, in some capacity, since the early 90s but the field has taken off as a lucrative way to build an online community that logs in often. While it is nearly impossible to determine how many dating sites there are on the Internet, especially since so many pop up over night and close shop when they realize how few people want to pay for additional services, analysts average that 25 million to 30 million people use some form of online dating in the U.

That’s a big market, all taking what individual friends and matchmakers were doing on a local level and putting it online with the help of personality-matching formulas and the virtual shopping experience. I mean who wouldn’t want to fill their basket with prospects as long as the return shipping isn’t going to bankrupt you. Last year, Match.

13 Strange Dating Sites (One For Those Who Love Adult Diapers)

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Who knew the Amish had high-speed Internet connection? They must since they’​re using to find spouses.

There are websites for everything. Therefore, there are websites for gamers who need dates, and there are websites for people who want to date gamers. These sites might be one and the same. It’s not really clear in the surprisingly inept world of video game dating sites, a web of false promises, Google search bait and general crappiness. I spent Tuesday afternoon signing up for a bunch of the web’s leading websites dedicated to gamer dating.

Better me than you. There’s some bad stuff out there. Shag A Gamer is the site that inspired this miserable trawl. It got some press earlier this week thanks to its snicker-ready premise. An entire web operation dedicated to helping gamers enjoy some casual sex? That’s as cynical as it is charitable. Thanks, ShagAGamer! For video game daters who want something more lasting than casual sex, the people behind the aforementioned bait-and-switch also offer DateAGamer. This one appears to be UK only.