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How to read your tire sidewall markings

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Age is not an indicator of tire serviceability. Goodyear aircraft tires or tubes have no “expiration date” as long as all service criteria (Section 4 of this manual).

Automobile tires are described by an alphanumeric tire code in American English and Canadian English or tyre code in British English , Australian English and others , which is generally molded or moulded into the sidewall of the tire. This code specifies the dimensions of the tire, and some of its key limitations, such as load-bearing ability, and maximum speed.

Sometimes the inner sidewall contains information not included on the outer sidewall, and vice versa. The code has grown in complexity over the years, as is evident from the mix of SI and imperial units, and ad-hoc extensions to lettering and numbering schemes. Most tires sizes are given using the ISO Metric sizing system. The DOT Code is an alphanumeric character sequence molded into the sidewall of the tire and allows the identification of the tire and its age.

The code is mandated by the U. Department of Transportation [1] but is used worldwide.

Reading Your Tire

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Roll out (stagger), spring rate and date code are three important factors in maintaining on-track consistency. 1. Roll out should be measured on all tires at the tire.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Tire age is a tricky subject at Coker Tire, because we manufacture NEW tires that look like old tires. There can be some confusion in regard to tire age, and that’s why we wanted to put together this guide to decoding your tire and therefore determining the tire’s age.

The tire industry has some loose guidelines on tire age that call for tire replacement after 6 to 10 years of service. On a daily driver, you’ll likely wear out the tread before the year window, but on a collector vehicle, the tire could expire well before the tread is gone. Even if a car is stored inside and the tires pass a visual inspection no cracks, dry-rot or other visible deterioration we typically suggest replacement after 10 years if you plan on driving it.

So, what happens if you drive on a tire that is more than 10 years old?


The company, one of the world’s largest tire makers, also said that the errors would affect this year’s quarterly earnings reports. Goodyear’s third-quarter earnings report, which had been scheduled to be released on Thursday, was postponed until November. The announcement was another serious blow to Goodyear, which has had problems since late , including losses, largely because of higher costs for raw material and sharply declining sales of its truck and car tires.

The chief executive, Robert J. Keegan, sounded an optimistic note in July when the company’s disappointing second-quarter results were released, hinting at a possible turnaround in the months ahead.

how to take care of your Goodyear tires so that you can count on many miles of consistent (Without proof of purchase, date of manufacture will be used to.

If you change your email address you will have to validate the new address. Read this. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. News: If you change your email address you will have to validate the new address. Home Help Login Register. For those who have original tires, or looking to buy original tires this guide should help decode the dates on any Goodyear tire made before about Also shows how to tell the difference between original and reproduction.

If you have questions or need help decoding let me know.

Goodyear Tire 2020 Rebate

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With its unique combination of innovative tread design and sidewall features, this all-season tire offers Goodyear’s most comfortable ride to date.

Soaring raw material costs, high leverage and weak demand amid the coronavirus crisis are ailing Goodyear Tire GT. Goodyear Tire Chief Executive Rich Kramer said on Thursday the company had clarified its policy to make clear employees can wear apparel expressing support for law enforcement after it faced a boycott call from U. President Donald Trump. The Republican president, who is seeking a second term in office, told reporters on Wednesday he would swap out the Goodyear tires on his presidential limousine if there were an alternative.

Goodyear on Thursday said it had a longstanding policy of asking employees of refraining from working place expressions of support for any political candidates. Despite a Return on Capital Employed is a measure of yearly pre-tax profit relative to capital employed in a business. Changes in earnings and sales indicate shifts in a company’s ROCE. A higher ROCE is generally representative of successful growth in a company and is a sign of higher earnings per share for shareholders in the future.

A low or negative ROCE suggests the opposite. Keep in mind, while ROCE is a good measure of a company’s recent performance, it is not a highly reliable predictor of a company’s earnings or sales in the near future.

How do I Determine the Date of Manufacture for a Goodyear Wrangler Tire?

Non-pneumatic tire with radio frequency identification. Patent number: Abstract: A non-pneumatic tire and radio frequency identification tag combination is provided.

Goodyear Polyglas tires were first used and going forward in April of For Goodyear RWL fitments for vehicle build dates beginning in April thru.

All the important information you need to know about your tyre is printed on the sidewall. Being able to read this information will help you maintain your tyres, and choose new ones when the time comes. Our guide will help you understand all the different numbers and letters and tell you what they mean. Tyre Pressure Information This is the maximum inflation pressure for your tyre, which is important to know when checking tyre pressure.

You should check these indicators regularly to ensure the tread is sufficiently deep. The minimum tread depth is in most cases 1. Production Date The date your tyre was produced is indicated by a four-digit code showing the week and the year. Wheel Diameter The diameter height of the wheels in inches. Speed Rating The speed rating indicates the maximum legal speed for a tyre when it is correctly inflated and in use under load.

When buying replacement tyres, it is essential to match their speed rating with the speed capabilities of your vehicle. Learn all about the different parts that contribute to the making of a tyre and how each part plays a role in giving you a better driving experience.

How do I know how old my tires are?

In , Goodyear was facing a possible trial in Florida for one of more than 40 lawsuits that allege the company knew the tire was unsafe when used on RVs. Goodyear tried to prevent the trial by reaching a settlement with the plaintiffs, the Schalmo family, who ended up in a crash after the right front tire of their motorhome separated. Yet Goodyear increased the G’s rating from 65 to 75 mph anyway in mid

proof of purchase date to a participating Titan Tire Dealer. Please consult your Titan or Goodyear branded radial rear farm tires that become unserviceable.

A new tire on my Bonanza was purchased via mail order in August from a reputable source that was listed in a major aviation trade publication. After checking to determine just how ‘new’ my new tire really was, I discovered that it was already eight years old! Look for a molded-in-plate on the side of the tire. In the plate will be a series of numbers and perhaps some letters. Aircraft tires manufactured by Goodyear are clearly marked with an eight-character serial number code that represents the year, Julian date of production, and tire ID number.

Character one represents the year; character two, three, and four indicates the day; characters five, six, seven, and eight signify the individual tire ID number. FYI: The Julian calendar dates are simply a continuous count of days. For example: January 1 is expressed as ; December 31 is expressed as McCreary tires are marked with an eleven-digit code. Michelin aircraft tires are marked with a ten-digit serial number that also represents the year and Julian date that the tire was produced.

Character one represents the last number of the manufacturing year; the next three numbers indicate the Julian day and the remaining six characters are related to decade of production, manufacturing facility and production number. For example: P 9 is for , is the Julian day – 29 July, P pertains to the facility and decade, is a unique production number. Retread tires have the original manufacturers date and they are also marked with month and year of retread.

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The Department of Transportation mandates that all tires have a special code imprinted on them. This code is known as a manufacturing-date code. Once you know how to locate and decipher the manufacturing-date code, you can easily inspect any tire and determine what date the tire was manufactured. In addition to applying to the Goodyear Wrangler tire, you can apply the information to any automobile tire. Inspect the Goodyear Wrangler’s sidewall carefully.

If you are about to take the winter tires and/or wheels out of storage and put them on your vehicle for the coming months, take a minute to check.

How to read your tire sidewall markings. No complaint about this. But some safety advocates want to add an expiration date of six years onto each tire, regardless of how much tread is left on them. This is a consumer tire rebate event for selected Goodyear tires. A tire manufactured-date code, shown in the yellow box, may appear on the outside of some tires. Expiration dates for tires manufactured before were based on a year scale because the expected life-span of a tire was 10 years.

Production date.

How old are my tires? // How to check tire age